How Green is Black Friday?

November 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

During the holiday season, it’s easy to get swept up in the frenzy of shopping and gift giving. When shopping for gifts, consider how soon your gift will be consumed and end up in a landfill. Is it reusable? Can it be recycled? Consider giving gifts of experiences to share.  Handmade gifts can be unique thoughtful gifts while donations to organizations can support a cause all year.

Give gifts of experiences
Some of our fondest memories are of experiences with friends and family. Give your friends a gift that you can share with them. Give your friends tickets to a game or concert you know they will enjoy. A gift certificate for a massage may be a welcome luxury they may not experience very often. A dance or music class for you and your friend so they have a partner with which to practice may be an especially thoughtful gift. Gift certificates for a dinner out to their favorite  restaurant would be a special treat.

Consider making a donation  

A wide variety of organizations continue to need financial support throughout the year. A donation could help support their work. If you do prefer to give your friends a personalized gift, many non-profit organizations partner with retailers to offer items with proceeds to benefit the organization. These items are often designed so that the wearer or buyer can raise awareness and show others their support for the organization.

Make your friends handmade gifts
A personalized homemade gift expresses the spirit of the season of generosity without the trappings of consumerism. If you have creative talents you can express them in your gifts.Your friends may appreciate a basket of homemade muffins, cookies, or fudge. If they have any dietary restrictions or their favorite ingredients you may want to keep that in mind when considering what to make for them. If you can make jewelry, a beautiful bracelet or necklace crafted from sustainable materials may compliment their taste. If you are a photographer a framed print of a landscape or portrait with special meaning for the
receiver would be treasured.



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