IMSA Holiday Greeting Card

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IMSA Holiday Greeting Card - Front

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) Holiday Greeting Card

The card was produced and sold as a fundraiser among the IMSA community of friends and family members.

As a graduate of the Class of ’96, I was inspired by the world of opportunities presented to students of this very special community. IMSA is supported by the state of Illinois and recruits students among the population of Illinois.

IMSA is the state’s public residential high school for talented mathematics and science students. The Academy also serves as an educational laboratory for designing and testing innovative programs and methods to share with other schools, teachers, and students in Illinois and beyond. IMSA is the nation’s only three year residential high school.

Inside the card reads “May the Holidays remind us of the joy of discovery and the unity that can be achieved by working together”

Inside of IMSA Holiday Greeting CardBack of IMSA Holiday Greeting Card


Purple Drop Necklace

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Purple drop necklace with wire wrapping. Staggered lengths of drop beads. Faceted dark purple teardrop glass beads and spherical beads of varied sizes. Wire wrapping around chain add texture.

Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall

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First Mirror

Collection of Mirrors, Mendiola Residence 200


A collection of mirrors of different styles and shapes but of similar sizes.  Inspired by the first four among the collection of the owner, two more were added. I refinished 6 mirrors in a metallic paint and displayed them together staggered along a long wall in the living room.

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